Life Benefits of Pilates

1. Unlike a lot of other exercises, pilates does not over-develop some parts of the body and neglect others. It is a whole body work out and promotes strength and balanced muscle development.

2. Pilates creates strength without bulk. Instead of building lots of muscles pilates helps create long lean muscles, basically toning your body rather than bulking it up.

3. It helps build beautiful posture.

4. The more you exercise, the more energy you have. Pilates gets the breathing, circulation moving and stimulates the muscles.

5. If you practice pilates regularly it will change your body. It is known for creating long, lean muscles and makes your body look so much more toned and lean than if you didn’t do it.

6. It will help you feel a body/mind connection. Basically focusing so deeply on every movement and stretching your body while controling your breathing will help your body and mind unite to ultimate focus. The first proper pilates class i did just the other day made me feel so incredibly amazing i cannot even describe it.

Do pilates as well as cardio to get the ultimate incredible lean body!

August 17th 2011
just did the winsor pilates 20 minute work out :D

now i need to do core synergistics once p90x has finished downloading in 20 minutes or so :D
i have so many work out videos, i’ve got all the p90x, the biggest loser work outs, turbofire, pilates etc :D if you want to download any of them and don’t know how hit me up!

July 11th 2011
Crazy No- Equipment Cardio and Toning Workout


Do every exercise as much as you can, and as effectively, in the time given. Go through the routine twice. Take a one minute break between the routines, but never stop while you’re doing them, or it won’t be as effective: 

  • Jumping Jacks: 60 seconds
  • Burbees: 60 seconds
  • Bicycle Crunches: 60 seconds
  • Jump Squats: 60 seconds
  • Side Kicks: 60 seconds
  • Mountain Climbers: 60 seconds
  • Tricep Dips: 30 seconds
  • Pushups: 30 seconds
  • Plank: 60 seconds


(via winninthin)

July 7th 2011
don’t drive to the store

walk! walk walk walk as much as you can,
wherever you can and whenever you can.

July 1st 2011
walk for atleast 45 minutes a day.

walking for 30 minutes a day without changing your diet will keep you at your current.
walking for 45 minutes a day, or burning 300 more calories a day than you would doing nothing, without changing your diet will help you lose atleast 30 pounds (13kg) in a year.

just imagine this with eating a healthy diet and imagine the weight you’ll lose!

June 29th 2011
ab circle pro

i can almost tell that the majority of you would know what this is since it’s advertised on the TV almost every two seconds haha.
i own one! i bought a second hand one off ebay which you can get for pretty cheap.
people generally think it’s a big bunch of crap, which if you don’t use it properly, it can be. i use this after i eat my tea usually just so i don’t feel sad or crappy about not having exercised (cause i really don’t exercise as much as i should because of the cold but i’m joining a gym now so this will change) and the next day my abs are sore from the work out!

the thing that makes this seem like a gimmick is because you’re using it wrong, because you’re working up momentum rather than actually using your stomach to lift your legs, and people are often using their arms to pull their legs are more than their abs and legs because it’s easier and requires a lot less effort.
instead of doing it repetitively, which builds up momentum (so you’re just swinging you’re not actually using your muscles), you should slow down or close to stop when you’re at the bottom of machine and then use your abs again to lift yourself up and do this every time. it stops you from swinging.

it obviously isn’t going to make you extremely fit and thin super fast, that is what a treadmill or running is for, but it does work at making sure you’re atleast getting 5+ minutes of exercise in your day. so if you cannot afford any other gym equipment and you’d like something to use during the winter when you cannot get outside to run, then i advise getting one of these and doing aerobics as well, they’re both wonderful for winter work outs.

June 22nd 2011

i’m going to start doing pilates tomorrow guys :D
when i find the best moves and positions i will make a post about it so you can all share :)
basically when you think of pilates (well me, atleast, anyway) i think it would not burn off many calories or really do anything but it’s quite the opposite. you can burn off about 250 calories an hour doing pilates and it helps flatten all the areas you want to flatten so well!

get pumped for some pilates :D

June 8th 2011
exercise exercise exercise

set three goals.

1. prechoose what you’re going to be eating for that entire week, like i do. this way i have everything i need and i can follow it as easy as i can. this means counting your calories! convert kj to calories easily by remembering 400kj is approx. 100 calories.

2. work out your exercising for a week. keep in mind that you burn 300 or more calories just doing every day things like cleaning, walking around the school, working, studying etc. add your BMR (basal metabolic rate) to this, as well as what you burn off each day. basically, if you burn off 300 calories per day, 1350 (for me) from BMR, and do high intensity aerobics for an hour each day this will burn approx. 14000 for the week. if you’re eating 1500 a day this means you’re burning an additional 3500 calories a week than what you’re eating which equals losing about a pound for the week! if you’re eating 1000 calories a day you’ll be losing approx. 2 pounds that week! the more you work out the more you will lose :D

3. allow yourself to binge. eating an additional 400-600 calories for one day that week is hardly going to make a big amount of difference, you’re only human guys!

email me if you have any questions :), or ask box me!

June 8th 2011
don’t be hatin’ if you’ve not exercised

i know you want to be doing shit tons of exercise but sometimes it’s too hard,
or too cold :/ like it is for me at the moment but i’m still going to push myself to do as much as i physically can in the next few days. it’s even harder if you don’t have any exercise equipment in your home.

like i’ve previously said, you don’t need to be hatin’ too bad because just doing normal everyday activities burnts a fair amount of calories! on friday i’m driving 5 hours to my home town which on it’s own will burn me 500 calories,

but something you should know and find out further is your basal metabolic rate. basically, this means it calculates according to your weight, height, age, and sex what the minimum amount of calories your body needs in order to function. so your body is burning off this energy in order to just live!

my BMR is 1350, which means additional to my calories burnt from working out i can add this 1350.

so basically, even if you haven’t done anywhere near as much exercise as you’d have liked your body is still burning off these calories by simply functioning.

go here:, if you want to find out yours and stay positive kids!

June 7th 2011
tomorrows exercise/diet plan

i had decided that i was going to eat healthy all week and i’ve already broken that so i’ve decided that i’m going to do shit tons of exercise over the next 3 days because i have a big event to go to over the weekend and don’t want to feel self conscious or as though i have let myself down.

i will only be eating fruits for my meals :)

early morning aerobics: 30 minutes = -180 calories
go to uni and keep busy: uphill walk for 15 to get there = -75 calories, 15 minutes downhill walk to get home = -49 calories.
midday walk: 1 hour = -430 calories
midday run: 15-20 minutes = -137-182 calories
do the dishes = approx. -40 calories
vacuum the house =  approx. -90 calories
mop the floors = approx. -90 calorie

this will burn approx. 1105 calories!  i’m going to try and walk/run for longer if i can and do as much as i physically can tomorrow. i really need the motivation to do this! and if i can achieve this i will be able to do this next week as well!

June 7th 2011

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