bringoutmywildside said: how many times do you usually do the ultimate pilates workout ?

hey gooood lookin’! wellllll i go to the university gym now and they have pilates, yoga and a mixture of both classes that go for 45 minutes :D i have been going 2 times a week but i’m able to go 5 which is what i plan on doing starting next week as well as burning 500 calories everyday if i can too :D pilates and yoga is actually fucking amazing i can’t even deal with it the first time i did it i was so so hyper after and felt the most unstressed i felt in aaaages. except then i tripped over a curb and smashed my head into some rocks so it kind of ruined it but yes. if you can go to pilates classes gooooo cause if you do it on your own it’s not as good cause you’re not pushing youself as much as you would watching other people be more flex than you haha.

August 31st 2011

cinquante-sept-deactivated20110 said: can i see your progress blog, please? :)

sure daaaarl i’ll put it in your ask :)

August 29th 2011

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August 22nd 2011
Life Benefits of Pilates

1. Unlike a lot of other exercises, pilates does not over-develop some parts of the body and neglect others. It is a whole body work out and promotes strength and balanced muscle development.

2. Pilates creates strength without bulk. Instead of building lots of muscles pilates helps create long lean muscles, basically toning your body rather than bulking it up.

3. It helps build beautiful posture.

4. The more you exercise, the more energy you have. Pilates gets the breathing, circulation moving and stimulates the muscles.

5. If you practice pilates regularly it will change your body. It is known for creating long, lean muscles and makes your body look so much more toned and lean than if you didn’t do it.

6. It will help you feel a body/mind connection. Basically focusing so deeply on every movement and stretching your body while controling your breathing will help your body and mind unite to ultimate focus. The first proper pilates class i did just the other day made me feel so incredibly amazing i cannot even describe it.

Do pilates as well as cardio to get the ultimate incredible lean body!

August 17th 2011
new progress post :D

message me if you want password or what not.

August 13th 2011

Anonymous said: which stores in Chinatown Adelaide can we find shirataki noodles. i went around some asian grocers in Adelaide but couldn't find them - -

i have no idea! i’m going on monday to go find some cause i haven’t had petrol to be able to get there cause i live near flinders hospital.
if i find them i’ll post up the store lovely i hope they’re there or i might cry haha.

August 13th 2011

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August 12th 2011
ahhh guys

i have no internet left my housemate used it all up so it’s going to be 15 days before i can post heaps of stuff

but i will come on at uni it’s just quite difficult because the systems in the computer science and engineering building are all unix and retarded :|

also, i had baked banana last night for my tea because my diet for the day was all bananas haha. seriously cut a banana or a few in half long ways, sprinkle the insides the cinnamon sugar and a bit of sweetener and bake them in the over.
it tastes exactly like banana fritter but not deep fried and disgusting, and super good for you :D

August 12th 2011
my number one weakness

or anything kind of like that basically. mustard, tomato sauce, pasta sauce, peanut butter and most recently strawberry jam.
pretty much everytime i go into the kitchen i get a little spoon and have a spoon of strawberry jam. i used to have a little bit of mustard everytime i went into the kitchen, hahaha.
it’s horrible! i can’t stop myself!

August 10th 2011

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August 9th 2011

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